CAL 2016

Most listened to Christmas Show on the PLANET!

Welcome to Christmas Across the Lands, the planets most listened to Christmas radio show. We are so glad you have included us in your Holiday plans! The 2016 show is chock full of classic stories, traditions from around the world, and so much more.

Please use the "feedback" link to tell us whatever is on your mind, good or bad. We'd also love to hear your stories about how you are spending the holidays!

Jef Reilly, Director, American Forces Radio Network "Its one of those old-school Christmas shows that really brings warmth and memories. Its certainly one we look forward to airing every year and I know our service-members and their families appreciate the excellent production, immortal stories and classic songs. Thank you for all you do for our troops away from home during the holidays!"

Hi Randy: This is the first year that I heard your program available through MY FM 105.7 Strathroy , Ont, Canada. I just want to say it was excellent!!! I especially liked the fact that you also had interviews and not just music or read selections. It also was nice that you had Canadian artists included. The only sore point was that it was TOO Short. Why don't you try and make a 24 hr program? Keep up the Great Program! Happy New Year!! Michael K.

Hello: This is my first Christmas away from home and it has been hard. I just happened across your show on an AM channel here in Los Angeles. I have been glued for the past 3 hours! Thank you for making this holiday a joyful one while away from family and friends. Please keep this effort going year after year - this show affects more people (in a positive, heartwarming way) than you probably are aware. Many thank you's, -Bob

Randy Sherwyn