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Christmas Across The Lands 2014

2014 is our 15th year of producing a Christmas Radio Special, and what a ride it is! Originally called "Christmas At Home", the name was changed in 2007 to reflect how global the show has become. From across the USA and Canada, many foreign countries as far away as Dubai, Phillipines, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Ireland, and more. Plus we are honored to donate our show to the Armed Forces Network-Radio, and Canadian Forces Network-Europe. Now you know why we say ..Across The Lands!

Show Comments

  • Jef Reilly, Director, American Forces Radio Network
    Its one of those old-school Christmas shows that really brings warmth and memories. Its certainly one we look forward to airing every year and I know our service-members and their families appreciate the excellent production, immortal stories and classic songs. Thank you for all you do for our troops away from home during the holidays!

  • Joel Denver, President/Publisher, AllAccess.com
    Christmas Across The Lands is truly a heartwarming show that brings the magic of the holiday home for the listener. Great music and production -- Christmas Across The Lands -- it's all wrapped up in one beautiful holiday show.

  • Frank Pooler, Writer of The Carpenter's "Merry Christmas Darling"
    Dear Randy, It is truly astonishing how your easy, informative manner, and beautifully organized show reach appreciative millions around the world. Merry Christmas, my new found friend

  • Mami Amano, A Fan in Japan
    A Huge THANK YOU for bringing the Christmas spirit to Chiba, Japan! (Christmas is basically practically over on Christmas Eve here...) Mami Amano