Who can run the show?
Any radio station, either terrestrial or internet. CAL is not available for purchase by individuals due to copyright issues.

How is it delivered?
CAL 2017 is delivered either via a high quality 320k (CD Quality) mp3 download, or via Flash Drive for an additional $30.00 production/shipping charge.(USA Only)

When will it be available?
CAL 2017 will available by November 20th, 2017.

How many local minutes for station use?
10 minutes per hour. No national spots.

Is it market exclusive?
We make every attempt to make it market exclusive, but don't wanna spend money on lawyer fees if someone pulls a fast one. We also allow 1 AM and 1 FM per market. In other words, if you're an AM station, we still reserve the right to place it on an FM signal in that market, and vice versa if you're an FM. Market is limited to 20 miles from city of license. There is no market exclusives for internet streaming stations.

How can we pay for it?
We will send you a broadcast contract after you contact us, by filling out a short form. You must return the contract/payment before the show is authorized for download or shipping. A company check or we accept Credit Cards & Paypal. If paying by CC, see the link at bottom of Paypal screen. Paypal Credit Card image
Due to dealing with intellectual property that can be copied, there are absolutely no refunds of any kind.

How long is the license good for?
You may air CAL 2017 unlimited times from the time you receive it until 12/31/2017.