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Randy Sherwyn
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Writer/Producer/Host Elf
"I have been a fan of Christmas ever since I was a young boy growing up in Minnesota. One day in 1998 it hit me. Why not do a radio show about one of the things I am so passionate about? Thats how 'Christmas At Home' began. Due to what seems a natural evolution of change in life, the show is now "Chrismas Across The Lands". It's a labor of love that was totally re-recorded from scratch again in 2009 in my ever expanding home studio here in Ft. Myers. 2011 was another significant update to the show! ALOT of time and effort go into making this show, and I while I do all the writing, producing, and hosting duties as well, I couldn't do it alone. Joel at All Access, Robin at Marshall Arts Imaging, and of course my main man Jim Sharp who helped start it all also contributed in their own way over the years.

I know it doesn't look very Christmassy here in Ft. Myers, FL, but I turn the A/C on high!!!!" Merry Christmas to all of you!
PS. The doggie in the photo is "Digger" my 16 year old Jack Russell Terrier. Digger sat by my feet here at my home studio during the first nine years while recording of Christmas Across The Lands! He always liked to think of himself as the "Producer". Digger passed away just after Christmas in 2009.